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    Wizardi Story



  • Welcome to the website of Wizardi!

    We are a young and ambitious brand specialising in arts and crafts products in the field of painting by numbers and diamond painting. We believe that any person can be creative and master a new exciting hobby regardless of age. Our high-quality kits are fit for both children and adults, and working on them doesn’t require any previous experience and skills.

    The diamond painting and paint-by- number techniques are becoming increasingly trendy as they not only relieve stress, develop your concentration ability and fine motor skills, but also help uncover your hidden talents and make an outstanding piece of art with your own hands.

    We offer a wide range of unique paint-by-number kits that make it possible to create a masterpiece without being a professional artist — you can start painting as soon as you open the package because the kits come with all the tools to get the process going. The vast variety of designs is sure to meet the taste of any art lover, and the finished works look absolutely art-gallery worthy!

    Besides, we are proud of our ever-expanding diamond painting kit collection. Apart from the kits equipped with square rhinestones and the standard canvas, we offer innovative DIY diamond painting kits that come with plywood panels.

    Our series of charms features a variety of fun and eye-catching designs. Completed with colourful rhinestones, the finished pieces can be used in lots of different ways: as magnets, pendants, home décor elements or gifts. Just let your imagination run wild!

    As for boxes and tea houses, the creative process involves not only pasting the shiny rhinestones on the plywood surface, but also assembling the pieces into a functional item. This DIY approach pretty much reflects the modern trend towards simplicity and functionality. The easy-to-make products perform a useful function of keeping your items in place or decorating your home interior.

    Each Wizardi kit comes in stylish designer packaging, which makes them great gifts for any occasion, and contains all the necessary materials to start right away.

    Feel the magic of creativity with Wizardi!