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Our Wizardi Story

Far, far away under the blue skies in the picturesque meadows of WizardiLand there lived a little boy named Arti. Every day of his life was filled with magic as he grew among the wizards of arts in the land full of magical powers. Everyone around him was making extraordinary wow-effect masterpieces but him. Somehow he was deprived of this gift. He spent an hour each day sitting in the garden trying to make something with his hands but to no success. One morning, Arti was surprised to find a magic wand on the top of a cloud.

He took it in his hand, waved over his canvas, and diamonds started spreading all over it, making countless jaw-dropping paintings. From that day on, Arti started seeing magic all around.

Deep in his heart, Arti always wanted to help others to discover their artistic nature, wondering how he can share his gift and talents with them. When time came, the young wizard took his wand and decided to travel around the world in a balloon to teach other people his special craft skills and amplify the magic inside them. Until now, he is travelling from one country to another, igniting creativity in everyone he meets. He says that every piece of art is powerful and magical. It’s the time and effort that it takes to create something beautiful and make a difference to this world. Magic is You!